Critical Systems in Triton

Triton identifies critical systems with a simple checkbox in the data entry section. This allows users to filter the Item Grid by critical equipment, and to create reports that identify Critical Systems maintenance and non-conformities. Here’s how to mark and filter equipment systems as “Critical”.

  1. Start Triton Administrator and open the Equipment module.
  2. Select a piece of equipment from the Item Grid, and check the box in the lower left corner.


  1. Click Save on the Tool bar, and proceed to the next item to be designated Critical Systems.
  2. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all equipment required to be designated as Critical Systems has been checked.
  3. To ensure the correct equipment has been designated Critical Equipment, in the Item Grid click on the header icon for Critical Equipment.


  1. All equipment designated as Critical Systems will appear with a red cross in the column. Add any equipment you may have missed.


Note: To run Critical Systems reports, use the Critical Systems Report under Log Books, or use the Advanced Search button on the Tool bar in the Maintenance Log module and check the box “Critical Systems Only”.

All purchases of Triton 4.0 between now and December 2018 will include an automatic upgrade to Triton 5.0 when it is launched!